Friday, September 30, 2011

How original...

So, random things... that has got to be the most unoriginal blog theme ever. But as I do not have a current interesting blog theme, this will just have to be it for now. Maybe along the way I'll find one that suits me, or potential readers and I'll change the name.

My blogging efforts started ages ago, when I did have a theme: my family vacation to Disney world in December 2011, but as such things go I forgot and having just checked, my last post was march 2010. Nice... Don't even try to find it because I hid it. Not only to hide my embarrassment but mostly because the world (whether it be online or off) does not need more places that store information about the Vacation Kingdom! There are so many sites, blogs, books, dvd's and just plain people that can tell you this information that it's useless to write it again.If you are intrigued to find some, google away! Or go to my favorite sites:;; and the disney mom's panel. actually tells you a lot too, who would figure that, right?!

So random things it will be. The first one being that I just wrote my first job application letter with pretty resume. Yay! I'm officially unemployed. No longer a sweet student, but business women. Though I have no job, so really I'm just a bum. But writing letters so yay!

Maybe that should be my theme, that which everyone who has a job somehow wants to relate to a person that just graduated university: "Now your real life starts!" Which begs the question: what was I living before? My fake life?

This would be suggesting that I have not been living it properly since I was born. I cannot help it that our society dictates that we learn stuff and so we learn that learning is good and so when we get to make our first life altering decision we go off to learn some more. Which is exactly what everyone said I should be doing, because that would eventually lead to better job perspectives, and in conclusion we must then conclude: a better real life.

Alright I got my theme here: the better real life it is. So if you didn't understand this at all here are the Cliff's notes: My blog started out being called Random things, and it took just one entry to find what my purpose should actually be, though I can assure you it will still contain many seemingly random things ;)

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