Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lawyer cake

I made this cake for a friend who is a lawyer.
She sent me pictures of the law books she uses and I made those. I also added some judge hammer cake pops.
The cake is chocolate with raspberry jam. The pops are vanilla.


  1. I am attending an law themed graduation pot luck next month and would love to know the recipe for the gavel shaped cake pops! Would you mind sharing?

    1. Sure! I'll work it out for you :)

    2. I wanted to work it out in the blog but it's actually really easy to put right here. These pops are vanilla flavored but you can use any hard cookie you want. It takes two hard cookies (2 oreos or 2 biscuits etc) and 1/4 tablespoon cream cheese per pop. Mix it in a foodprocessor to a nice dough. Put into the fridge for 15 minutes. After it cooled a bit, take about a big marshmallow size of it and shape it to look like a gavel. Put them an a piece of waxed paper and put back into the fridge. Temper a little bit of chocolate and use it to stick lollipop sticks in the gaveltops. Do this carefully because the shape makes them prone to breaking. Put them back in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.
      Temper some chocolate and put into a deep container so your gavels can be dipped completely. Also have something to put them into once they are dipped, like a container filled with sugar.
      Dip the gavels and let them dry. After that you paint the rims with gold paint and tada! Done :) If you want more help making pops you can check out the blog on the mickey mouse cake pops. Feel free to contact me again if this is not enough and good luck! I would love to see the result :)


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