Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Easy Sugar free nutella recipe with raw cocoa

This super easy sugar free hazelnut spread is great for on bread, pancakes, or just a spoon but not as bad for you as nutella is. It's made with dates, raw cocoa and hazelnuts obviously.
Creamy, yummy and definitely gives you the ability to keep the real nutella for weekends and special occasions!
Easy to spread and eat ;)

This is the hazelnut paste I usually buy

Sugar free nutella hazelnut spread recipe

175 grams ground hazelnut (I buy this in a jar, like you would peanut butter, you could grind your own I would expect, but my food processor is not good enough to try, it needs to be so fine that it releases its oils) 

4 or 5 dates without the pit

Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to of baby sign language part 2 and why you should persist!

We starting signing to our daughter when she was 4 months old. After reading wonderful reviews saying that their kids already knew 10 signs at 6 months, and 50 when they were a year, I was really optimistic. At first it did seem to work well. Our baby learned Sleep really quickly and it was wondrous! Our tiny infant could tell us she was tired and when we put her to bed she wouldn't cry at all! It was a parent's dream come true!
It was one part where we did not have to guess and so our baby was almost never cranky from lack of sleep :) It was a flying start... but not much more. At 8 months she hadn't learned any other sign and at 10 months with just the sign for Milk added, we stopped actively signing. But I did not want to give up.

I used to learn the signs and they have an overview of 10 starter signs. The site says Mommy and Daddy are some of the signs baby can learn most easily as she has most need of them. Sounded like logic to me so I signed Daddy for months when calling him when she went to sleep.
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