Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring/summer wardrobe for baby girl

I didn't know if we were going to get a boy or a girl. When we told this to people the most frequent question was why? We even had someone say, that is like getting a present and not opening it for 9 months. I guess that is sort of true, but I think it is better to compare it to finding your presents 9 months before Christmas morning. You know what it is, you have 9 months to get every accessory you think it needs, and then there is always the chance you get something else instead. Being surprised was half the fun for me, and I do not want my girl to only get girly stuff so to me it is not very important to know at all.
That being said when they put the baby on my chest and told me it was a girl, I was ecstatic. My one downside of having a boy was I would not have as many different options for making cute clothes. No dresses, no tunics, no bows, no pink, no prints of butterflies or flowers. But that is not the case now so I started baby girls spring/summer wardrobe last week. Yay!

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