Sunday, December 22, 2013

Felt ornament traditions and how to trace a child's hand

I like to make my own ornaments. Partly because it is cheap and partly because they are pretty especially felt. Last christmas was the first time our family contained 3 people and I decided we could do with a good Christmas tradition. Wanting it to be something doable not just in times of stress but also when my little girl gets bigger and wants to help, I decided to make an ornament based on her. Showing how much she has grown and a remembrance of that particular Christmas.

It's year two and I have two ornaments to show you:

I trace her hand first on paper and then cut it out of felt.

Tracing a 15 month old child's hand is btw not easy! So instead I rub a lot of coconut oil on it and press it on paper. I then trace the oil print. Works like a charm!

Then I make a little dolly wearing the same clothes as she does at Christmas. 
The hand sort of represents angle wings because for the most part that is what she is :)
I also write the year on the back and right now I'm using a pen to make the face because everytime I try to embroider it, it is just ugly...

I also finished my bird ornament: 

Pretty right ;) 

Do you have a Christmas ornament tradition? I'd love to hear about it!

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