Saturday, June 8, 2013

Recipe of the week: Healthy chocolate mousse, no added sugar, vegan and super easy!

Recipe of the week

I've spend the last two days working on a 4 tier wedding cake and a cake for my dad's woodworking class. At first I thought the wedding cake would take up all of my time, but when my Dad agreed to the same base cake as the wedding cake I figured it would be fine. After baking, filling and coating 5 cakes in two days I found that it is fine to make an extra cake. I could easily fit it into the wedding cake schedule and I found it takes less time than making them back to back. I hope I'll stay stress free....

Anyhoo... there are recipes that are way simpler than making a 4 tier 70 people carrot cake filled with champagne buttercream, coated with white chocolate ganache and decorated with fondant (gosh that sounds awesome :)

So Healthy Chocolate Mousse. Normal chocolate mousse is generally ok but this is really healthy. It only contains 3 ingredients and no sugar!

Healthy Chocolate Mousse, no sugar and really easy
(2 servings minimal)

Ingredients and supplies:

2 bananas, really ripe but not brown
2 avocado, ripe
6 tablespoons of Dutch cocoa

The avocado has to be really ripe otherwise this recipe will not work. Pick a dark green, heavy, firm avocado without bruises or soft spots. Then do this:
It should be a yellowish green, then it's perfect.


Cut the avocado in half, like the picture above. You should be able to pull the seed right out, and peel it by hand easy. If not your avocado is not ripe enough and you will probably have some lumps in your mousse.

Put the avocado in the bowl and mix until there are no more lumps and it's a light fluffy green stuff. Mash the bananas into the avocado and mix well again until you have a mousse like substance. Add the cocoa and mix another three minutes at high speed.

Divide the mousse into bowls and put them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Or put the entire bowl in the fridge and eat it all yourself :)

Make it beautiful! 

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