Monday, August 19, 2013

The budget wedding cake

My last post might have given off the impression that I thought the bride and groom were seriously underpaying for their cake. This was not my intention and while there were some parts where I was doing work I wasn't being paid for (like getting all the cakes the same size) overall the cake and the time I spend on it reflects the budget. So I was happy with that!
Now I'm on to the birthday of my baby girl which is super fun!

As she is turning the very young age of just 1, I don't want to give her a really sweet, packed full of evil food coloring, cake. After a quick and fruitful search on google (baby first birthday cake recipe were my search words) I came across a wonderful site full of lovely baby cake recipes.

My eye immediately fell on the honey and ginger cake which sounds and looks yummy. I'm really excited to make it and have decided to use it for my mom's cake pop order which is for Friday.

So here is the recipe if you're interested:
No it's not, I checked out the disclaimer and they might not be happy if I print the recipe here but you can check it out on their website: Homemade baby food recipes

I´m going to make Disney´s Fab 5 cake pops with it. I haven´t quite decided on how to stick the cake together to form the balls, I´m thinking cream cheese or maybe melted chocolate, or ganache... not sure. I have a bunch of ganache in the freezer so that would be a good choice. It might taste weird together though. I´ll have to try.

Anyway here is my Fab 5 cake pop idea:

I'm hoping it will be pretty easy. I want to make them as a birthday treat for when we go on our family reunion weekend next week. The idea looks cute...

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