Monday, August 12, 2013

What I'm up to: wedding cake!

I make cakes for a living now, though I don't actually make enough for that to be completely true. I've made a fair few though and sometimes even have the feeling I know what I'm talking about. If you do the same, you might recognize the moment when you realize you really did not charge enough for the cake you're making. Usually it happens quite late, probably during the decorating process, but today I got it while making the batter for the second cake. sh...#(@*)$*..t

I'm doing a wedding cake, sort of. The happily engaged couple are just out of college and thought the wedding cake prices were too steep. If you're marrying, going on your honeymoon and moving within the same month I can see how you need to keep to your budget and since I know them I suggested to make normal cakes. They won't be stacked and they won't be as luxurious as wedding cakes usually are but it could work and instead of paying 800 euros they only have to spend 200 excluding 3D flowers which cost extra. They were happy with the idea and then came with (I have to secretly admit) a brilliant plan to buy a cake stand which they will sell again after the wedding.
The cake stand

So they'll have 4 cakes that look exactly the same but have different tastes on the inside. I charged a little bit for that because it's one order but while I was making the batter I thought: if they are not all the same flavor, they won't all be the same height because they don't rise in the same way. hmmm. Do I have to fix that? Or do I treat them as separate cakes and thus it's not my problem they are not exactly alike. hmmm. So that was one moment when I figured maybe I should have charged just a little more because time is money, and if you don't want to pay for it, then I shouldn't be spending more time on it, right?

The other problem with this cake is that this was their idea:
I´m not sure where this pic comes from so I cannot credit. If you recognize it please let me know!
It´s a very pretty 3 tier cake with 3D flowers and swirly things. They wanted their cake to look like the middle tier which I thought would be very gorgeous. So I told them the price of the roses and the 5 petal flowers and they said Ok we want one rose and one other flower. ....
I figured I should not beat around the bush as they say about a wedding cake so I said very clearly and in these exact words (except they were Dutch): It will NOT look anything like this then... you do understand that right?!
Yes they did.

I have to make a pretty cake so I told them that flat decoration was included and I could make a bunch of flat 5 petal flowers so it at least looks a little like the pic. This was my idea:

Two 5 petal flowers are 3D the rest is flat. It looks ok in the pic but I hope it turns out that way on the cake too... It's one of those moments that I wish the bride and groom had spend just a little bit more on it. It would have maybe cost 20 euros more to have just a few more flowers to get it to look really nice. Now I have to make a presentable cake with limited means AND limited time. I will not spend wedding cake time if I'm not getting paid accordingly. That's fair right?
I'll show the outcome next week :)

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