Friday, November 7, 2014

Gorgeous children's beds for tiny bedrooms (yes I am still here, though it might not have seemed that way recently)

It's been a while... Ok a seriously long time, since I blogged. Most days I can be found searching the web for refined sugar free recipes, natural cleaning tutorials or crafting ideas. This leads me mostly to sites of stay at home moms who are apparently the super woman kind. They have huge sites with tons of recipes they tried and tested themselves, and then market like crazy with blogs, tweets, ebooks, seminars, etsy stores... While also having the time and energy to push out 5 kids, which they home school and keep mentally entertained with age appropriate awesome activities.

I am not that kind of mom.

Yes I have a blog, I think up, try and test (and fail miserably lots of the time) recipes, I have a 2 year old and am pregnant, but that is exactly why I haven't blogged in ages.
Maybe if I didn't live on 40 square meters at the top of three flights of terribly small stairs it would be different. Maybe if I could walk out the front door, load my kid in the car and actually drive to a store somewhat close by it wouldn't take so much out of my day to get food. Now my choices are either walking while trying to get my toddler to keep moving, and having to carry my groceries, or I can take my bike which no longer has room to accommodate my belly between my seat and my toddler's and try not to faint while going over all those awesome canal bridges. Did I tell you I live smack dab in the middle of Amsterdam?
Sometimes I start a crafting project but by the time I have it laid out on the table it will be time for lunch so I have to clean it up again. Right after lunch my daughter's favorite game will be to open mommy's sewing box and pull out all those fun little objects. I can't blame her, it does look like fun ;) Maybe I could cook up great recipes if my kitchen counter wasn't tiny and my cupboards weren't stuffed. It would also help if I could bend over to get those dishes out of the washer without having to sit down for at least a half an hour afterwards, just to recoup but that might happen to the best of pregnant moms now I think about it.

I vowed never to be pregnant in this apartment again and obviously failed. On the bright side I was able to redo the bedroom in such a way that it no longer annoys be and I actually find it pretty.
Small but pretty

We are also super fortunate to have my dad. He is pretty much a self made furniture maker and has been able to provide us with the best possible kids beds for the space we have. My daughter's new bed was delivered and installed last Sunday and it's hard to tell who loves it more, she or mommy and daddy. It looks like an absolute blast to play on and under while also giving us the needed space to put her toys so we could make some room for the baby. If you would like to know how to make this, feel free to contact me and I'll get my dad to work it out ;)
Gorgeous toddler high bed!

The baby bed has been in use for 2 years now, and for the last week we used it as a toddler bed but now it's back to being a bed for the baby. It's also a changing table saving us lots of space.
This isn't quite the baby bed yet... the mattress has to go up higher again. I'll take a pic tomorrow.

Like I said, we might live small, it might be really annoying and more difficult but we are super fortunate and generally pretty happy!

I also took some time to make some christmas stuff. That way I won't have to think about it when the baby gets here.
I made a felt christmas tree for my toddler. Hopefully she won't touch the real one when she can play with this one. I thought about making a tutorial but it's so easy it just seemed useless. Felt sticks to itself so it's basically nothing more than cutting stuff out. I pasted the tree to the wall with poster gummy stuff (no idea what that's called) and used a glass to draw circles on felt and then cut them out. I might decorate them but I might not. Somehow I don't think she will care much :) I am also going to make some squirrel ornaments that look like the ones I made for our real tree.

You can find these squirrel christmas ornaments on yougogirl. There are a lot of fun felt ornaments on there! I try to make some new felt ornaments every year. They are just so cute :)

My mom sent me her new recipe for refined sugar free, lactose free, egg free, gluten free pumpkin pie. I tasted it, and it's really yummy! (weird but true hahaha) I'll try to post that before the baby comes which will be in max. 5 weeks!

Wish me luck pushing out a whole person without too much trouble! I'm pretty confident it will go better than last time but some extra crossed fingers wouldn't hurt ;)

Have fun this holiday season and getting ready for it! Happy crafting!


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