Friday, January 9, 2015

Multitasking with awesomeness

The ultimate multitask: blogging while feeding a baby, cooking pea soup and melting coconut oil. Who doesn't love feeding pillows, without it I would be on the couch watching tv. (Which isn't too bad accept that the mediabox keeps getting stuck so I can only watch one channel.)

And that is...if the toddler isn't home.

When they are easiest but least funny

I must say whoever said babies are hard obviously does not have a toddler running around! When I had my first daughter I thought I didn't have time for anything. I felt like a cow (you know, the ones that give milk) and
when I wasn't feeding I was either changing a diaper or trying to get her to sleep. Now I wonder what I did with all that leftover time I must have had. The baby at least sleeps part of the day.
As for my toddler, she has gotten into the habit of tipping over any glass with liquid in it, pulling things out of the closet and putting them somewhere else. Mostly on the floor. Have you ever stepped on a lego duplo? Any mom with those in the house will know That Hurts! She pulled the keys off of my laptop keyboard. Incidentally I have just noticed I put them back wrong. She is the absolute sweetest big sister, meaning I have to pull her off of her little sister all the time so she won't breath in a bunch of hair or have her arm dislocated from being pulled the wrong way.

We laugh though. A lot. Kids are just the funniest things on earth (sorry comedians, but it's true). My hubby asked kiddo1 "Do you want to go to the microphone store with me?". Her response: "No thank you, I would like to go to the playground please." Listening to Miles Davis she asked what is this? Is this music? It's kind of a fire truck. (sorry Miles...) And when asked "Are you going to put on your pajamas? " she said "I don't think so daddy."  How do you respond to that? And how do you keep the smile from your face so you can argue that she has to. Consequently it's one of those moments when I think, maybe we should not have given her that choice, hahaha.

The little one doesn't talk back yet but I know that won't last long. With a sister and two nieces we are probably in for a treat by the time this one finds the words.
Kids are awesome. (perfect for Neil Pasricha, if he didn't have it already. For more awesome things check out his blog: or read the books. It's hilarious!)

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